XPS foam heat insulation board

XPS foam heat insulation board


1. It's mainly used to resist the heat in tropical zone and the frost in frigid zone.
2. Can be the best material for building fridges or cold storages.
3. Can be adopted as the foundation of the road or railway in frigid zone to resis frost and protect the surface of it.
4. A high resistance to heat or forst for walls, ceilings and other interior decoration.
5. Can be used in the walls and balconies of tall buildings reaching amazing effects.
6. Suitable for gluing to a variety of boards such as aluminum. plastic, and wood board as the middle ply.


1. Widely used as the lower and inside layer of the roof and wall especially in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
2. Helps to keep a warm and maintain a comfortable room of the house or factory buildings in Northern countries.
3. The materials of WIN-LUCK are stable; the boards, absorb no water, They are light. durable and easy to be installed.
4. It looks beautiful, bright and can be energy-saving.


WIN-LUCK are composed of polystyrene, blowing agents, color powder, stabilizar and so on. They are all stricted formulated and a single-screw tandem extrusion line is used to produce foam board.


5 x 909 x 1818m/m
7 x 909 x 1818m/m
10 x 909 x 1818m/m
15 x 909 x 1818m/m
20 x 909 x 1818m/m
25 x 909 x 1818m/m
12 x 909 x 1818m/m
30 x 606 x 1818m/m
35 x 606 x 1818m/m
40 x 606 x 1818m/m
50 x 606 x 1818m/m

Remarks: The thickness of color 5, 7, 10m/m are mainly in white and above 15m/m are light blue respectively.
Specification is subject to customers’ need.


1. It can be melted if the PS board stays in high temperature too long. 75°C (168°F) should be considered as the highest continuous operation temp.
2. It may be corroded if the blister board and the volatile materials are in direct contact.
3. The construction of the cell will be ruined when it is laid in the Sun for a long time. Besides, the surface will turn out to be yellow. If it is necessary to put the board in the Sun for days, it had better be covered with white polyethylene film or any light-colored thin materials. The yellow part on the surface should be erased before it glues anything on.

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